Best Handbags and Purses for Women in 2018

A handbag is place to carry your stuff. It’s also a fashion statement. Today’s fashion conscious women want bags that look great and show off their ability to appreciate modern trends. They also want handbags and purses that go everywhere and work well with the rest of their wardrobe pieces.

While it’s still early in the year, a few definitive trends have emerged in recent months. Show off your fashion savvy radar with any one of these modern handbag choices.

Tiny Beaded Bags

Tiny as in the beads of the bag are tiny and not the bag itself. These small bags hark back many decades to the Flapper era and before when women made their own from odds and ends Today, they’re in style again.

This is the perfect choice for the woman who wants to be a grown up but doesn’t want to let go of her girly side. Look for them in bright colors for extra flair and a way to match the rest of your outfit. Let your daughter have a handbag of her own for extra added fun.

beaded handbag

Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton is always in style. Maybe consider buying theĀ Louis Vuitton Papillon 28 during your next shopping trip.

Crocheted Bags

Those keeping budgetary considerations in mind when searching for a handbag can still have high style that works well for many occasions. Crocheted bags have plenty of advantages.

For one thing, if you’re really good at knitting, you can make your own. All you need is some basic materials and you can copy any style you see.

For another, they’re also typically made of green materials that are all natural. This is one handbag that you can take to the grocery store and everywhere else without missing a beat.

The See Through Bag

If you’ve got nothing to hide, this is the bag for you. The see-through heavy plastic ideal item for a quick trip to the beach.

Bring this fun bag with you and you’ll always know where you put that large towel and your favorite pair of beach sunglasses. Bring it to the cafe later for a night on the town.

clear see through handbag

Hoops are In

Another true trend for handbag lovers everywhere today are bags with hoop handles. The hoops on the bags come in many sizes from large hoops that resemble hula hoops to smaller versions that bring to mind earrings.

Pair them with a leather a similar base for a bag that is truly of the moment and an art piece at the same time. Hoops are easy to sling across your shoulders as you walk or place on top of a side chair as you work. They also look good while wearing a new fascinator hat.

A Tisket

A tasket, a green and yellow basket. The old nursery rhyme is the thing to think about when it comes to finding a modern handbag.

Basket handbags are easy on the eyes and very convenient. You’ll find them in sizes that are small enough to fit over the handles of a bicycle as you travel through the French countryside.

Larger basket handbags are ideal if your’e headed out for a picnic in the woods and need the space to store your lunch and all the trimmings.

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