Style Statement: Fascinator Hats

If you’ve been looking for a way to stand out from the crowd when it comes to your personal style, a look that’s been gaining popularity has been fascinator hats. Fascinator hats are a unique take on headwear that’s miles ahead of the curve when it comes to making an entrance.

They’re usually worn to more formal events, though they’re increasingly being seen at sporting events and outdoor parties by the sophisticated and elite! What better way to stand out from the rest than to choose an accessory that will undoubtedly get you noticed for all the right reasons?

Celebrity Inspiration

If you are familiar with fascinator hats, that familiarity can likely be traced back to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding day, or perhaps even President Obama’s inauguration. At the former, many guests donned elaborate headpieces that garnered a lot of attention.

kate middleton white hat

At the latter, Aretha Franklin showcased her famous voice as well as her penchant for looking amazing, this time with a gray, studded bow-detailed fascinator hat.

Princess Beatrice of York, who wore a pink, unusually shaped cascading bow fascinator to the Royal Wedding, later used the publicity she received to auction off her headpiece for charity.

Since then, these accessories have become a style icon, signifying class, wealth, and stylishness. Wearing a fascinator hat takes confidence and boldness, and anyone who does exudes an air of poise that few other pieces of clothing or accessory can lend.

Making a Fascinator Hat Of Your Own

One way that many people have begun adapting fascinator hats to their own brand of style is by making them on their own rather than purchasing them. This allows people to get very creative, using different fabrics and gemstones, glitter, feathers, and other embellishments.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into what it feels like to wear a fascinator hat, making one on your own can be great fun. However, if you’d rather leave that to the pros, here are some great fascinator hat choices that you can don to just about any event you might be heading to!

How to Wear a Fascinator Hat

Fascinator hats are worn at many occasions where hats might be typically worn, such as weddings or evening events that are formal. They’re typically worn with fairly formal attire, and though there’s no rule about wearing a fascinator or fascinator hat with a dressed-down outfit, they do tend to look more elegant and classic with formalwear.

Brides sometimes choose fascinator hats over the more traditional bridal veil or hat, particularly if their gowns are less traditional as well.

They’re perhaps most popular at horse-racing events such as the Grand National, the Melbourne Cup, and of course, the Kentucky Derby.

If you want to wear a fascinator hat, there are a number of different styles and colors to choose from, from simple to very ornate and detailed. Choosing the right fascinator hat for your desired look will involve pairing one to your outfit, one that complements the overall outfit.

Would you wear a fascinator hat? What would yours look like?

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