Five Great Choices for Wedding Table Linens

Essentially every woman makes plans for a dream wedding at some point in her life, even if Prince Charming has not yet arrived. A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life, and as such it should be perfect in every way.

If you are planning a wedding, you are likely also thinking about the reception and ways to make it fun, memorable and charming. This may at first seem like a daunting task, but when broken down into smaller steps it becomes much easier.

Wedding table linens are one of the items to which thought must be given. The way your tables look will set the mood for an elegant, nostalgic, traditional, chic or glamorous occasion.

wedding linen

Therefore, you must choose the appropriate linens for the atmosphere you wish to create. Below are several wedding table linen options you should consider:

Colorful Prints

Add pizzazz and glamor to your wedding reception with linens featuring colorful prints. These are especially appropriate for outdoor weddings. Colorful wedding table linens of this kind add a zesty ambiance to the event and are ideal for a modern, vibrant, fun-filled wedding reception.

You can choose from multicolored prints, contemporary patterns, or those that feature stripes, swirls or intricate flower designs. For outdoor or summer wedding receptions, consider both bold colors and pastels, such as red, purple, green, light pink or baby blue.

Traditional Rosettes

Traditional rosette table linens are a timeless favorite among many brides-to-be. This option will give your wedding reception a charming, elegant ambiance and surround your guests with luxurious beauty. Rosette table cloths can be found in numerous colors, such as pale pink, classic white, or lilac.

You may also wish to consider more vibrant colors, such as mocha, purple, burgundy or flaming orange-red.

Embroidered Linens

Embroidered wedding table linens are a great choice for a formal, fancy wedding. The embroidery can be ornate or simple, but regardless of your specific preferences, such table linens never escape the notice of guests. In addition, embroidered linens work well with virtually any centerpiece, and match both contemporary and traditional china. For this reason, they are considered one of the most versatile options available.

Peacock Themes

Peacock themed wedding linens have become highly popular over the past several years. They offer a royal, luxurious appearance, and the magnificent colors used with this theme are never forgotten.

The latter include royal blue, deep purple, and bold, eye-catching green. This trendy theme works best for indoor weddings, and often the patterns include orchid flowers and peacock feathers as ornamental accents.

Plain Linens

In your search for the perfect wedding reception table linens, do not overlook simple and elegant fabrics in plain colors. For example, cream colored velvet, pink silk or deep blue satin are all beautiful and timeless choices that lend themselves well to any reception theme.

Make sure to consider the price of each option when you are searching for your linens. This will help you avoid going over your reception budget. Fortunately, styles, designs and fabrics can be found to suit essentially any prospective bride.

Therefore, having a perfect reception following your dream wedding is a goal that is well within your reach.

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